Mechanical Servicing

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Our team covers all aspects of mechanical servicing, maintenance and repair work. Repair and replacement of wear and tear items as well as upgrading from factory fitted components.

  • Logbook servicing – in line with manufacturer logbook specifications. More than just an oil and filter change this includes a comprehensive safety check of the vehicle to identify current and future components that may require attention. Often preventing costly breakdowns and repairs from major component failure.
  • Brakes – Replacement of worn brakes on passenger vehicles and trailers 
  • Suspension – Replacement of worn factory components or upgrading to heavy duty 4×4 suspension and lift kits.
  • Clutch – Replacement of worn and slipping clutches or upgrade to heavy duty for towing or 4x4ing purposes.
  • Engine rebuild, repair or replacement.

Brakes and Clutch

Your Brake System is vital to your safety so trust it with specialists. The team here will diagnose and solve your brake problems including:

  • Brake Pad Replacement – caused by wear and tear
  • Rotor and Drum repair and machining – vibrations whilst braking
  • Clutch Replacement and tuning – Clutch slipping / shudder / Hard / Soft

Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension system in your car is pivotal to ensure you and your passenger’s safety. All vehicles still need the basic systems to operate correctly such as shock absorbers, suspension bushes, steering rack, tyres & springs to be all in good working order. We are highly trained and have years of experience, which enable us to diagnose and repair a variety of faults in your steering or suspension. 

  • Steering wheel pulling to one side
  • Steering wheel shake
  • Tyres wearing on edges

Air-conditioning service and re-gas

Our qualified and licenced air-conditioning technicians carry out a complete range of air-conditioning services to ensure that the air-conditioner is working efficiently, keeping you comfortable in summer and demisting those foggy Adelaide Hills windscreens in winter.

  • Repair and re-gas leaking A/C systems.
  • Replacement of failed components.


It is the battery that enables your car to start every time. As you drive the car, the battery is being continually charged, so that it is fully charged for the next start. A car battery can become problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Age: the battery passes it’s used by date – you will need to replace the battery.
  • Leaving your headlights, interior lights or radio on, or using the air conditioner, when the engine is not running: possibly just recharge existing battery
  • Alternator is not performing correctly and fails to charge the battery. The battery itself may be fine.